The Secret Birthday of Katriena

Katriena, the mastermind and kitchen queen of Top Two. The one who prepares those magnificent platters and delicious frozen meals. A friendly heart and soul in the Meade Café kitchen, celebrated her 57th birthday last week.

As special as she is to us, we wanted to surprise her on her special day. So the staff sneakily planned to pretend that they have forgotten about the big day. Arrangements were made to get special birthday accessories, a delicious chocolate cake was baked and all were secretly talking about it around the corners whenever Katriena was out of sight.

As planned, everyone arrived at Meade café the next day. All “unaware” of Katriena’s special day. Isabel, the owner almost spilled the beans by greeting Katriena with a big “Katriena!! . . .” but then quickly realized that she was not to give away the secret and corrected herself by asking a silly question about Aubergine soup.

Being absolutely unaware of the staff’s surprise, Katriena was a little let down that nobody had remembered her big day. But carried on on her normal, friendly and vivacious way.

Until, the lights turned down and the staff all congregated in the cold kitchen and started singing a special song in celebration of Katriena’s 57th. The cake, that was baked for the occasion was collected from its hiding space, all decorated with beautiful candles and sparkles.

The special moment brought Katriena to tears. It was a lovely surprise for a lovely lady.

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